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Portrait Claire Wise Photography

Let's document the great moments of your life

and the imperfect ones too

Do you want timeless photos with the Mediterranean as a background? Longing for a sunset beach photoshoot? the Amore Mio in the alleys of the old town? or just in the comfort of your home sweet home?

Claire Wise



I am


photographer-artist-wifey & bubbly soul

My story


  I'm not too sure where my passion for photography started, I sometimes think it's innate, great observer of life, emotions, the authentic of the surprising , caricature all this has fascinated me since I was little girl, immortalising people's stories then seemed like a no-brainer to me.

Art has always been part of my life, my grandfather was a painter, the parental collection of beautiful books, afternoons in museums, all this music that rocked my childhood and my great passion for family photo albums in drawers of my grandmother, I spent hours leafing through them reading the inscriptions, the years of shooting, all those details that made it a fabulous treasure.

Born in England, I grew up in France, then moved back to London where I learned my photography skills at the famous  “LCC- University of the Art London”

My husband made me discover his country Brazil, where we stayed there for a while, our universe is very colorful filled with our 3 cultures.

I recently became a Niçoise, Nice what a unique place; the famous Baie des Anges, the old town with an Italian look, this beautiful Côte d'Azur, this Mediterranean climate, its architecture made my heart capsize.

Specialized in Lifestyle photography, for my reports I work with natural light, I like movement, romance and laughter.

Portraitist of your most precious moments: wedding, couple, maternity, newborn, and branding.

My passion to document your story is inspired by my life, photos are invaluable to me,

they have my childhood memories, my life adventures, who I was and the woman I am today.

Passionate about delivering beautiful artistic photos to you, I will be honored to photograph your story.

If you want to share a magical moment

Loïs et Noa-58.jpg

A real pro who knew how to capture every moment and sublimate our family moments

Before and during the photo session, Claire took her time, with simplicity and kindness.

A real pro who knew how to capture every moment and sublimate our family moments and the 2 years of our two little ones. She put a touch of poetry, a touch of playfulness and a large dose of tenderness. We had a great time! A memorable memory!


See you soon for new great moments to capture!

Anne Claire

  My values

Quality I give my best to deliver the most beautiful photos.

Creativity Creating a bespoke  experience based on your story.

Trust  Understanding your personal space, giving you the time needed to get comfortable in front of the camera, guidance if necessary.


Commitment  To stay  honest with  my services, prices, until the delivery of your gallery.


My Favs

Camera Brand Nikon 

Coffee or tea Tea

Music Soul

A Country Brazil

Breakfast Crumpet & Jam

I love to photograph

Your E motions  

Another passion Drawing

Time to take your picture


Paysage niçois
promenade des anglais

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