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Pregnancy Photographer in Nice



Celebrate this miracle that grows inside you, this magical moment in your woman's life.

This session is for Mamas of all ages and origins,

I will help you feel comfortable in your own skin,

love your curves and highlight your motherhood in all its raw and intimate beauty.

This session is not about perfection but about connecting with yourself.

Maternity photographer on the French Riviera



What's included

-Your session at your home or outdoors

-An online gallery of beautifully edited images

-A questionnaire and a customer guide

- Clothing advice

-A preferential maternity and newborn rate is also available

Collections start at 230€

maternity photographer French Riviera

Their words of love

"Superb experience, the location, the sesh, nothing to complain about, Claire has a lot of talent and knows how to make you feel comfortable, gently without imposing anything, she plays a lot with nature, light and shadows, which makes her work extraordinary!"
un photoshoot maternité sur la plage

Session timeline


First contact via the contact form in contact me. Fill in your questionnaire and sign your contract online. Book the date of the session,

pay your deposit to secure your date.


Decide on the location and the outfits. Read the customer guide. I will contact you regularly and guide you along the way.

The shoot

I will confirm the weather and location of the week of your session. Your remaining balance is due no later than the day of your session.


Your photos are ready! You will receive your images within 1 to 6 weeks of your session via an online gallery.

Choose and Print

You can make your selection of images and upgrade to another collection if you wish to. You also have access to the shop where you can order your prints, they will be sent by mail within 2 to 3 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What month for a pregnancy photo shoot?

All pregnancies are different, some women have a bigger bump by the sixth month, others are barely noticeable at nine months.

Generally, I recommend that you organise your maternity session in the 7th month until the beginning of the 9th month, more exactly between the 28th and the 36th weeks of your pregnancy, this period of the third trimester is the best time.

Do you offer photo prints?

Yes of course, I work with Floricolor, a professional lab based in Portugal, of unparalleled quality.

I offer 10x15cm or 15x21cm prints delivered directly to your home.Print prices

How to highlight my belly of future mother?

Celebrating your pregnancy and highlighting the roundness of your belly is the goal of the session: Fluid or tight dress, feminine lace, lingerie or even jeans and headband.

Find my advice onmy blog post.

Can I come with my loved ones ?

Even if the session focuses on you, I wholeheartedly encourage your partner to also participate for a few images, in order to capture this budding complicity of future parents.

If you have other children they can also join us.

What happens during a pregnancy photo shoot?

I guide you gently, while moving, talking, laughing... these images remain beautiful and natural, I prefer them to posed and frozen photos.

More questions

Why getting in touch with a pregnancy photographer in Nice and what budget should you plan? 

First of all, congratulations on this happy event! In the life of all couples, especially all women, pregnancy is a very important phase. To preserve memories of this period and immortalise these magical moments , it is important to benefit from a professional photographer . Are you living in Nice and want to contact a pregnancy photographer ? Find out here how it will be useful for you to contact this service provider and the average cost of  this professional.

Hiring a pregnancy photographer in Nice?

One of the first reasons why you should contact a pregnancy photographer in Nice is that this expert will allow you to immortalise the happy event . By opting for a pregnancy photography session , you create new memories for the whole family to keep. This way, you can later show your child the beautiful photos you took before he was born . He will then be able to have a more precise idea of the atmosphere that reigned in the family before he came into this world.

Another important reason to contact a photographer in Nice is that it will allow you to benefit from professional photographs. Pregnancy photographers are indeed professionals who have extensive experience in carrying out this type of mission . They will guarantee you an optimal quality rendering. Indeed, there is a big difference between photos retouched from an application and image retouching carried out by a specialized photographer . A pregnancy photographer will be able to capture the magical moments of your life as a pregnant woman .

In addition, contacting a pregnancy photographer in Nice is an ideal way to announce your pregnancy to your loved ones. Even if your family members know about the happy event , your friends may not. With pregnancy photos , you can tell them in an original way that you are expecting a baby .

Plus, your pregnancy photoshoot can be a great way to spend some special time together as a couple. This can help the future mother to relax and highlight her beauty and all her femininity. It is also a better opportunity to achieve beautiful couple's photo. You will thus immortalize the best moments of complicity that you spend before the birth of your little one.

What is the cost of a pregnancy photographer in Nice?

There is no fixed price associated with the services of a pregnancy photographer in Nice . Indeed, the amount charged by a family photographer in Nice varies according to several parameters. First, the location of the session may be a determining factor. Depending on whether the session will take place outdoors or at your home , the price will differ.

The duration of the session and travel expenses are also to be taken into account if you wish to assess the cost of the services. For a one-hour photo shoot in Nice , plan between 130 and 400 euros. As far as travel costs are concerned, they will vary depending on the distance between the photographer's home and your family nest or the location of the photo shoot .

Keep in mind that on average, the price charged in Nice by a pregnancy photographer will vary.

If you will need to hire a maternity photography expert, consider asking for a quote before making your choice. This way, you can choose a photographer whose prices fit perfectly with your budget and your needs .

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