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Baby photographer in Nice


I know the importance of preserving your family's most precious moments,

the tenderness session focuses on motherhood as well as baby during

his first year, this little life you created,

the different stages of your baby's development;

his exploits from the first breath to the first steps.

photographe nouveau né Nice
moment de tendresse

these privileged moments deserve timeless photos

1 to 6 weeks

Organic and intimate sessions celebrating the first days, this sweetness, this joie de vivre, baby is finally here!

My newborn lifestyle sessions are relaxed and focused on family bonding.

I don't use props or baskets during my sessions, so if you're looking for images of very posed newborns,

I'm probably not the one for you.

I like to focus on all that motherhood embodies ~ breastfeeding or bottle feeding,

skin-to-skin and intimate moments with your little ones.

We will also focus on fatherhood, sibling hugs and all of you, together as a family.

3 to 9 months

I like this period; spontaneity, curiosity, baby's awakening and his close relationship with mom and dad.

Baby with big curious eyes, these babbles,

you want to remember every minute of these special days for the rest of your life.

preserve these precious and ephemeral days 

1 to 3 years

These little explorers,

filled with energy with their well-defined character.

Ready for your baby photoshoot?
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