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A maternity photo session at sunrise in Cap-Ferrat.

pregnancy photoshoot on the French Riviera

Yesterday morning, I had the chance to photograph F. and her partner during a maternity photo session at sunrise on the magnificent Cap Ferrat. It was a moment filled with tenderness and poetry, a unique experience that we shared together.

The sun rising on the horizon, the gentle sea breeze that caressed their faces, everything was perfect to capture these magical moments. F & N standing side by side, bathed in the first golden rays of the rising sun, enveloped in a soft, warm light. Their love and complicity can be read in their looks, in their tender and attentive gestures.

Nature was our greatest ally that morning, offering us a naturally magnificent and soothing setting to enhance the beauty of motherhood. The soft, rosy colors of the sunrise blended perfectly with the Mediterranean in the background.

An unforgettable experience, imbued with love, gentleness and poetry, on the magnificent Côte d'Azur.

I'll let you discover some of the photos from this maternity session at sunrise, hoping that they will convey as many emotions to you as they did to me.

See you soon for new photographic adventures,

Claire Wise Photography

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