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Wedding Questionnaire

Congratulations on your wedding! 

You'll surely go through all those emotions in the coming months:

Joy, impatience, pleasure, desire, concentration, pride...

The infamous "preparatifs" for your beautiful day!

Meanwhile I would like to take a few minutes (about 30 min)  of your precious time

by asking you to answer the following questions,

in order to have as much information as possible on my side.

Thanks in advance.

Tip: Fill in this form on a desktop or a laptop with Google Chrome or Safari.

Couple photos

INFO: Allow around 30 minutes for the couple session, the best time is at the end of the day for the most beautiful light, we cannot always do it at this precise moment depending on the schedule, but we can cut it in two and make it again for 15 minutes before the meal to take advantage of the golden hour! Make sure your guests are busy to make the most of this sweet moment.

Thank you so much ! Super excited for your big day!

Don't forget to let me know of any last minute changes or planning

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