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How to dress for a Family Photoshoot?

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Your photo session is finally booked but the famous question arises "What should we wear for our family photos?"

The advice "numero uno"; the most important thing to remember when choosing your outfits is that you all feel comfortable and confident.

You must like how you look in your photos because you will keep them forever. Be true to yourself. I really don't want to rule your wardrobe too much because the memories we capture are yours and not mine. If however, you want some tips on how to create a more stylish look for photographs, here are some suggestions.

Above all, make sure your personalities shine.

1 . Feel comfortable

Above all, don't feel obligated to dress preppy for the photo shoot. Cool, casual clothes like jeans and a polo shirt or a light shirt/blouse or a flowy dress work well for family sessions whether at home or outdoors. Sunday outfits will feel too formal and keep you from feeling relaxed and in the moment. Remember the most important thing is to be yourself and feel comfortable.

2 . Think about the location of your photoshoot

The location of your shoot should greatly influence your choice of wardrobe. For indoor shoots go for shades and tones that complement your home decor and style, especially if you are looking to display the photographs as wall art. A good guide is to keep clothes in neutral colors.

For outdoor sessions, prefer pastel shades that complement each other wonderfully with the Mediterranean landscape.

Consider the season and the time of day you are shooting. For fall and winter, shades of teal, rust, burgundy and mustard work especially well, as do neutral tones like camel or taupe. For added warmth, consider knits and accessorize with a scarf rather than heavy winter coats.

3 . Coordonate rather than matchy-matchy

Try to coordinate what everyone in the family is wearing for a cohesive look.

Pick 3 or 4 colors and shades that work well together but don't all match.

A photo with everyone wearing the same colors will look flat and old fashioned -

let everyone's personality shine through. You can use the color wheel to help you determine which shades will go well together. The "Compound" or "Split Complementary" option looks great. Don't forget to select your base color to get started! Mix fabrics (linen, silk, chiffon, lace) and pretty floral prints, as well as accessories, to add interest and texture. Maxi skirts and dresses work all year round and are wonderful for adding movement to your photos.

4 . For the mamas

Choose maxi dresses or flowing, long skirts that can fly in the wind and that you can play with. Leave your hair loose and natural makeup, your manicure is an absolute must!

5 . For the daddys

Fluid linen pants, jeans, casual shirts, polo shirts are comfortable and timeless choices.

6 . For the babies

Keep it simple. Let your baby's natural beauty shine through.

A simple bodysuit, a romper or even just a bloomer in cotton or wool (diaper cover) will show off their soft skin and their beautiful rolls. If you're not sure, feel free to prepare a few pieces and we can go through them together on the day of the session.

Please avoid collared shirts as they will cover your baby's face.

7 . For the kiddos

Go classic over trendy and keep comfort in mind, an uncomfortable child is an unhappy child! When choosing an outfit, make sure he or she can run, sit, and even jump.

8 . For the teens

Most teenagers will have a very specific idea of ​​how they would like to be presented and I think it is important that this is reflected in their photos. If they don't like what they're wearing, it will show on their faces. Avoid hoodies or jumpers in the same genre.

9 . Avoid at all cost

- Clothing with a visible logo or T-shirts with a message -Very fine lines which may not be photographed very well (moiré effect). -The black that gets lost in the shadows - Primary colors such as red which can cause staining on the skin, so it is best to avoid colors that are too bright. - Clothes that are faded, ripped, wrinkled or stained.

10 . Don't forget the shoes

Do not forget about the shoes and how they look with the outfit as a whole.

For in home shoots, I prefer barefoot, but if you prefer to wear socks make sure you choose ones that don't have holes in them!

11 . What more can I bring?

-Additional outfits just in case -Makeup for touch-ups and hairbrush -Any accessories that are sentimental for you -Your dog(s)

12 . To leave at home or in your car

- Gums

- Wallet or mobile in the pockets

- Elastics or large hair clips

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It's all about you

Your photos should reflect who you are and your own unique memories, this is the most important consideration when deciding what to wear on your family photo shoot.

You will cherish these images forever and watch them daily on your walls and for decades to come. So choose clothes that you feel comfortable in and that won't go out of fashion, and you can be sure that you'll love your family photos as much fifty years from now as you do today.

Do not hesitate to browse my site for more information on my family, newborn, baby and pregnancy photo sessions, you can also find out about my prices for your future sessions on the French Riviera.


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